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The Gut Brain Approach

At Gut Brain Mapping, we delve deeper than traditional medicine. Our mission is to support your body's innate healing abilities by addressing the root cause of your health concerns, promoting cellular health and optimizing the gut-brain connection.

Our Approach

At Gut Brain Mapping, we believe in taking a comprehensive approach to mental health through understanding the gut-brain connection. We understand that factors such as nutrition, microbiome, imbalance of bacteria, and environmental exposures can have an impact on mental health. That's why we take a personalized approach to each client, identifying the unique factors that may be affecting their mental health and developing a customized plan to address them.

Hidden Factors Impacting Your Wellbeing

Nutrition & Physical Imbalances

Poor diet and lack of exercise can disrupt your body's delicate balance, impacting energy levels and overall health.

Mold and Mycotoxins

Exposure to mold and its toxins can trigger inflammation, allergies, and a host of undiagnosed health problems.

Environmental Chemicals

Toxins in everyday products can burden your body's detoxification systems, leading to long-term health concerns.

Lyme & Co-infections

Lyme disease and its related infections can create complex health issues affecting multiple body systems.

Mitochondrial Dysfunction

These hidden stressors can damage the energy centers of your cells, leading to fatigue, chronic pain, and various health imbalances.

Parasite/Fungal Matter

These infections can disrupt gut health, weaken your immune system, and contribute to chronic symptoms.

Brain Art
Mental Health Support
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Gut Brain Connection
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Your Unique Map to Health

Our experienced medical practitioner  will uncover your specific challenges and craft a tailored plan. We focus on integrative medicine to support your body's natural healing processes, leading to lasting vitality.

How Patients Get Stuck in "Sick Mode"
"Your Body Hears Everything Your Mind Says"

Naomi Judd

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